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Problem Children is a summer residency program run by Problem Library that provides a support structure to develop bright young artists in the San Francisco bay area.


Now in its second year, the program focuses on building agency, critical and practical skills, and an exploration of the self, with a pedagogical approach that reacts to student interests, needs, and goals, providing a responsive platform for growth rather than a rigid learning structure.

With a 1:1 ratio of students to mentors, the program facilitates cross-generational engagement that provides rich interaction and exploration. The program exposes students to the local art community through its mentors, field trips and visiting artist lectures, fostering real world connections.

Interested already?
Learn about the logistical considerations of the summer residency program here.

When & Where

Problem Children will run from June through the last week of August, 2019.

Students will be required to be onsite at our Inner Sunset location a minimum of 4 days per month for structured learning and group programs.

Other scheduling is decided based on the needs of each students project and self directed pace of learning.


Applications are now open for our 2020 cohort.

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