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Problem Children is a 3 month student residency program open to high school age participants who are self directed toward a future in art or design. The program consists of both academic and conceptual learning, as well as projects for public exhibitions and installations in a gallery space.

Mentors act as guides to broaden the perspective of each student's work and creative potential. Students are responsible for setting their own goals and direction, shaping what concepts and skills are taught during the program.

Students will have access to Problem Library resources, including tools, books and materials, mentor feedback and support, public exhibition space and professional development training.

The program is organized and run by a group of artists and designers living in San Francisco and working at companies and institutions including Facebook, Apple and Stanford.

When & Where

Problem Children will run from June through the last week of August, 2019.

Students will be required to be onsite at our Inner Sunset location a minimum of 4 days per month for structured learning and group programs.

Other scheduling is decided based on the needs of each students project and self directed pace of learning.


Our 2019 summer program applicants are encouraged to apply now.

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