For the first time, Problem Children 2020 will be conducted completely online.

Students will be required to attend one 90 min session, and one 60 min individual mentor meeting every week, plus relevant breakout & workshop sessions. Students can work with mentors to schedule more sessions if needed.

The program will be divided into three consecutive sections that guide students toward the creation of a final project.

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Due to the online format of the 2020 program, each student is required to have consistent access to a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC), as well as a comfortable & quiet space to complete their work and for video conferencing sessions.

If you would like to apply, but do not have access to a laptop, please let us know in your application.

Tuition & Application

Tuition for the three-month program is $525 per student FREE!

We will be accepting a total of six (6) students who are actively exploring the fields of photography, illustration, design (graphic, product, web, interior), digital art (3D, Animation) or writing (prose, poetry, code).

Applications are open through June 7th, with video interviews taking place between May 28th and June 12th.

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