Problem Children is conducted at our studio workshop space, Problem Library, in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset. Over the course of the summer we will meet and work together in a variety of ways.

Group Sessions take place at Problem Library on Saturday mornings and bring together all students and mentors for reading discussions, presentations, and opportunities to work collaboratively on fun and inspiring creative exercises.

One-On-One Sessions are private weekly meetings between students and mentors to work together on project development. You’ll use this time to bounce ideas, ask questions, and receive advice and feedback on your work.

Midweek Forums are weekly meetings at Problem Library where we dive deeper on readings, creative philosophies, and artistic concepts. They also include workshops, by mentors and special guests, that explore specific topics, art forms, tools, and concepts that react to your interests.

Studio Hours are open times throughout the week for you to work on your projects, collaborate with other students, and meet with your mentor. You will have a dedicated workspace at Problem Library for the duration of the program including many tools and materials for hands-on creating, in addition to resources and support from our mentors.

Field Trips will see us visiting museums and galleries for special artist talks, guided tours, and other unique experiences only available to Problem Children students.

My favorite part of the program by far was the mentorship we received. Everyone was super supportive and had great ideas and feedback!

Artists and Mentors work alongside each other in the studio
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Application information

We are accepting 6 students across
a range of disciplines.

Problem Children is open to young artists actively exploring the fields of Architecture, Collage, Creative Coding, Design (graphic & web), Digital Art, Filmmaking, Illustration, Installation, Painting, Photography, Poetry, or Sculpture.

This list is not exhaustive. We encourage you to apply even if your chosen medium is not listed here.

Applications are open from now until May 25th 2024.

In-person or video interviews will take place between February 1st and May 20th. We notify accepted students on a rolling basis, and our final day for notifications will be May 28th.

General program outline

The summer is divided into
three main sections.

  1. We begin with a focus on readings, group discussions, and collaborative exercises to build a strong foundation of community and a shared base of context and references. Additionally, you will begin meetings with your mentor. Together, you will start to envision and plan out your individual project.
  2. As we continue to meet and build knowledge together, you will work with your mentor to research, experiment, and ideate on your project. This is a time to try as many things as you can, make mistakes, and hone your concept alongside your fellow artists. Field trips, guest lectures, and other extracurriculars also happen during this time.
  3. The final section is devoted to working on your project. It includes time for presentations to get feedback from the larger group and plenty of open hours for you to work. The program culminates in a private closing celebration and a group exhibition open to family, friends, and the public.


In-person attendance is required for each Group Session, Midweek Forum, and One-On-One meeting for the duration of the Summer at our studio workshop, Problem Library in the Inner Sunset of San Francisco (1288 15th Ave)

  • Group Discussion take place on Saturday from 11am—3pm (lunch is provided)
  • Midweek Forms are on Wednesday evenings from 5—7pm
  • You must have reliable transportation to and from the studio workshop

We allow up to 3 absences, and are flexible with travel plans* or emergency situations.

One-On-One Meetings with your mentor may take place at Problem Library, or online via a secure Zoom link. You must have a computer and dedicated quiet space for online meetings.


Tuition for the 3-month program is $2850 and covers all program-related expenses, including: free access to the studio during open hours, lunch during group sessions, a material budget for your project, transportation & tickets for field trips, and a Problem Children reader.

We highly encourage all interested students to apply even if the cost of tuition seems prohibitive.

It is our policy that no student be denied entry to the program due to their inability to pay. If the cost of tuition is a barrier, we can discuss scholarships, payment plans, and reduced tuition opportunities with you and your family – if you qualify. Requests for financial aid of any kind do not affect an applicant’s chances of being accepted to the program.

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