The program for 2022 will be conducted in person at our new workshop space in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset. One-on-one mentor meetings will take place online, while working sessions, workshops and field trips will take place in person throughout the San Francisco bay area.

Group sessions take place on Saturday morning, and bring together all students and mentors for reading discussions, presentations, and activities that create meaningful connections. One-on-one sessions are private meetings between students and mentors to work together on developing the students project. These are scheduled throughout the week based on the schedules of mentors and students.

Workshops are unique opportunities presented by mentors that explore specific topics, tools, and concepts in depth. Field trips will see us visiting museums and galleries for special artist talks, guided tours, and other unique experiences only available to Problem Children students.

The PC Workshop is our name for the physical space which will, for the first time ever, have dedicated working stations for each student. This gives students the opportunity to come in any time to work on their projects, advance their knowledge, or meet with creatives in our network. The workshop will be home to many tools and materials for hands-on creating, as well as educational material, and support from mentors.

My favorite part of the program by far was the mentorship we received. Everyone was super supportive and had great ideas and feedback!

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Areas of focus

We are accepting 6 students in total across all disciplines in the Visual arts.

The visual arts track is for students actively exploring the fields of Photography, Design (graphic & web), Illustration, Painting, Digital Art, and Architecture.

Applications are open through May 20th, with video interviews taking place between April 1st and May 21st. We notify accepted students on a rolling basis, and our final day for notifications will be May 28th.

Program general outline

The program is divided into three mostly consecutive sections

  1. The program begins with a focus on readings, presentations, and group discussions that provide context and reference points that create a shared base of understanding among students and mentors.
  2. The second section pushes students to identify their interests and work with a mentor to create an actionable plan of experimentation and research that builds towards the creation of a final project they have designed.
  3. The final section is reserved for students to put in dedicated work towards their project, with space for presentations & critique from the larger group, as well as the production of a final exhibition.


Students will need to make it to our physical space in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood (1288 15th Ave) every Saturday for the duration of the program. We allow for up to 3 absences, and are flexible with travel plans or emergency situations.

Aside from that, each student is required to have consistent access to a laptop or desktop computer, as well as a comfortable & quiet space for one-on-one mentor sessions. Students should also have a reliable way to get to San Francisco for in-person field trips.

If you would like to apply, but do not have access to a laptop, please let us know in your application.

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