This form of mentorship and support is a powerful tool that transforms the lives of mentors, reinvigorating their sense of creative possibility. The program creates a space of collaboration that brings every voice to the table and makes a practice of pushing everyone involved to their furthest potential. We create this space by providing deep levels of support and guidance to mentors, so that they feel empowered to bring their unique visions to life within the program.


Mentorship Details

Mentors are asked to be at our 90 min weekly group sessions, as well as make themselves available for 60 min one-on-one sessions once a week.

If you’d like to join us as a mentor, please email our Program Director, Daniel, with a brief introduction and explanation about what draws you to this kind of engagement.

Gifts and donations

Donating to Problem Children helps remove financial barriers, contributes to realizing student projects, and supports our work to create a sustainable future for the program.

Financial gifts

Donations support the future generation of artists, designers, performers, and creative thinkers. Your support helps us bring even greater resources, support, and opportunities to our exceptional and hardworking students, bolstering their chances for achievement well into the future.

As a program of Problem Library, all donations to the program are tax-deductible, and are a means of standing for a positive outlook on the world; it is an opportunity to be an advocate for a future that values the expansion of human perspective.

For more donation options, visit Problem Library.

EIN: 82-3793366


Resource donations

Give us your old (or new) stuff! Things we are always in need of, and happy to take off your hands in exchange for a non-profit tax deduction:

  • Laptops & Desktop computers (Mac preferred)
  • Cameras in working condition (digital and analog)
  • Tools & raw materials (canvas, acrylic, oil/watercolor paints, brushes)
  • Food & beverage donations for field trips & the closing reception

Your Impact

Problem Children puts 100% of donations towards supporting students.

The program is designed to turn every show of support into a deeply impactful contribution.

We do this by finding creative ways to reutilize materials/donations, being transparent with our community about needs, and minimizing administrative costs so we can focus resources towards students.

Your support has a profound impact for students. Examples of what your gift makes possible are listed here.

  • $300 covers the cost of materials for one student.
  • $600 sponsors the tuition for one student.
  • $1,000 covers the costs of production for a closing exhibition & reception.
  • $1,500 covers the costs of materials for all students in one discipline.
  • $3,000 covers the tuition cost for all students in one discipline.
  • $6,000 covers the tuition cost for all students in the entire 2022 program.
  • $10,000 covers the cost of a special weekend program in a San Francisco park.
  • $40,000 covers the cost of giving our Program Director a part-time salary.

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