By working with new mediums, formats, and within constraints, the program pushes students to create more sophisticated and informed work.

Ideal candidates will have deep curiosity about how their creative practice functions in their own lives and the broader culture, and should be highly self-motivated and willing to invest time and energy to stretch beyond their current comfort zones.

The program places an emphasis on process over a final product, challenging students to engage their capabilities for self-direction.

Successful students will show an interest and ability to guide their own learning, set goals and milestones and work through their inquiries, both external and internal.

We are currently only accepting students with a focus in the visual arts (photography, illustration), design (graphic, product, web), digital art (3D, Animation) and creative writing.

A note about 2020

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all in-person sessions, field trips and workshops will take place online. Field trips will be substituted with guest workshops, virtual tours, and other remote engagements with artists from around the world.


What is the program about?

Problem Children is designed to react to students goals & needs by facilitating self-exploration, improving practical skills, and developing critical thought.

Now in its third year, the program provides structured curriculum and group exercises that build a shared level of knowledge and community between students and mentors. The core curriculum is continuously developed in response to the interests and feedback of students, with each student creating their own path for exploration and project development.

With a one-to-one ratio of students to mentors, the program facilitates cross-generational engagement that provides rich interaction and exploration. The program further exposes students to the local art community through field trips and visiting artist lectures, fostering real world connections that broaden a students’ knowledge of the creative landscape.

The program culminates with each student creating one mid- to large-scale project that represents the progress of their self-directed explorations and thinking throughout the program.

Staff & Mentors

Program staff and mentors are creative professionals enthusiastic about student development and committed to being advocates for students on an ongoing basis.

The group is comprised of artists, designers, photographers, engineers, educators and writers working in the bay area.


Daniel Lucas,
Program Director & Coordinator

Jeff Masamori,
Assistant Director & Lead Mentor

Blake Conway,
Tools & Production Director

Grayson Stebbins,
Cohort Facilitator & Library Director

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Problem Children is a program of
Problem Library, a non-profit arts & education
 organization located in the Inner Sunset.

Learn more about Problem Library.

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