Problem Children gives young artists* with a creative passion the space, tools, resources, and mentorship to explore their interests deeper

Problem Children is a program for the deeply curious and ambitious who are willing to put in the work to stretch beyond their comfort zones. It is a program that celebrates young artists who know they are capable of more and are seeking the community, physical space, and guidance needed to get to the next level.

Problem Children is made for teen aged artists who care and think deeply about their creativity and what inspires them. It is for those who want to create awesome, beautiful, and inspiring things – and are constantly trying to do so.

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Welcome to Problem Children.

airis prepares their photographs for display.


Problem Children emphasizes process, experimentation, and self-direction as you explore new ideas, mediums, and ways of creating.

In Problem Children you are challenged to create a project of your own concept and design – with the physical space, creative support, and material resources needed create work that is more mature and ambitious.

Problem Children pairs you with a mentor who will encourage you to branch out and gain new knowledge and expertise as you develop your project.

Your mentor will support you and your project as you investigate, learn, and reach a deeper understanding of your creative practice.

areas of focus

Visual arts

Architecture, Collage, Creative Coding, Design (graphic & web), Digital Art, Filmmaking, Illustration, Installation, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Sculpture,
... and more!

Priority applications:

Apply by April 18th to receive priority review and a 15% discount on tuition.

Gio and her mentor discuss her architectural model.
Lyn gets feedback on drawings from Daniel

Problem Children 2024 begins June 1st
and ends on August 24th
with a group exhibition and celebration.

The program is centered around weekly group sessions where you will be asked to engage your critical thinking, communication, and imagination with a group of fellow artists and thoughtful mentors.

In addition, you will have weekly one-on-one meetings with your mentor and mid-week forums for special presentations and workshops.

Other program activities are tailored around your individual interests and those of the group. We’ll embark on field trips to art spaces and events, studio visits, tours, and guest lectures specially organized for Problem Children.

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Problem Children gives you access to dedicated studio space where you will work alongside the other artists in your cohort.

The program offers open studio time for you to conduct creative experiments, work on your project, and get feedback from mentors and program staff.

The studio is a space for you to learn with your fellow artists, give and receive feedback, develop friendships, and get support as you each strive toward new heights of creative excellence and joy.

The studio is also the home of Problem Library, a creative team and non-profit working in arts, education, and cultural infrastructure. This places you in an active and engaged community of working artists, designers, and creators of all kinds.

Artists and Mentors work alongside each other in the studio

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